Apartment in Primosten

Primosten is one of the most attractive destinations in Dalmatia. It is located 27 km south of Sibenik, where the center of Sibenik-Knin county catchment area.

It used to be an insular place since the Turkish invasion to protect the towers and walls, as mainland by a drawbridge. When he stopped the Turkish invasion of the bridge was replaced by a dam and creating a peninsula 1564th He was awarded the name of Primosten. Today Primosten has easily observable characteristics of a medieval Mediterranean town.

At the highest point of the island 1485th Mr. St. Juraj Church was built, which dominates the village. Since the church is a magnificent view of Primosten's archipelago. Besides the natural beauty that does not need to waste too many words Primosten is known for its vineyards, which are composed of several small fenced stone walls and honeycomb in which grapes are grown varieties Babić.

As a monument of human labor in the vineyard photos located in the lobby of the United Nations building in New York. Apart from its own variety of tourist attractions which are not far Primosten offers no national parks Krka and Kornati, which are organized from Primosten daily boat trips, and you can see in catering. Beautiful beaches and clear waters that surround Primosten make it a tourist destination that is worth visiting.

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